Astral Projection ~ Hey, Where’s the Donuts?

Astral Projection

So, here’s another area of “paranormal” that is rarely talked about. I’m not exactly sure what to call it so I’m going to put this one under the astral projection or out of body experience category.   I had three distinct astral projection experiences while living at my friend’s house. Yeah, that one (see articles: “Dreams…

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Imaginary Friend – Are You Sure?

Imaginary friends Simon and Simon

Spirits interacted with my daughter from a very early age.  I suspect she served as a lighthouse for them to gravitate to.  Many would call these entities her “imaginary friends”. Imaginary Friend: Rick One such imaginary friend was Rick.  She told me Rick would come and have tea parties with her behind our living room…

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Haunted House in Baja

haunted baja

Haunted in Baja Met a couple staying at the same hotel in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. One night all four of us went out to dinner and drinks. During the evening we started sharing stories of our visits to different locations. Our dinner guests, Sarah and John, shared a frightening experience they had in Baja Mexico.…

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Exorcising Evil Spirits

Exorcising Evil Spirits and the use of sage

What’s It Take To Exorcise an Evil Spirit? Need to exorcise an evil spirit from your life? Let’s start by dispeling a common myth in the paranormal world. It does not matter what method of banishing evil spirits (exorcising) and blessing you choose to remove unwelcome spirits from your life. Yes, it’s true. What you…

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