Imaginary Friend – Are You Sure?

Imaginary friends Simon and Simon

Spirits interacted with my daughter from a very early age.  I suspect she served as a lighthouse for them to gravitate to.  Many would call these entities her “imaginary friends”. Imaginary Friend: Rick One such imaginary friend was Rick.  She told me Rick would come and have tea parties with her behind our living room…

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Dead People: What Kids See

Dead People

Seeing Dead People Dead people can be such a drag! So what do you do when your child draws a picture of someone you know they don’t know.  Or tells you about their new “friend” who you’ve never seen.  What’s the first thing you do?  We tend to react to the fear that’s instantly generated…

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She Sees Dead People

She Sees Dead People Dead people, they’ve been seen by my daughter since she was little.  Her two children and my son’s daughter do as well. This is a sensitive subject for some people.  It’s also hard to approach without offending someone somewhere along the line. Suffice it to say I’m not even going to…

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