Spirits and Dreams

What about dreams and spirits? Can spirits visit us in our dreams? Well, I don’t know about anyone else but that has always been my mainstay. I don’t see spirits (at least as far as I know except my husband’s doppelganger – see “Doppelgangers – Are They Real?”), I may have heard one or two in my waking state but I don’t think so, I can feel when they are around me but I’ve dreamed about them many, many times. Once instance happened several years back when my heart issues started.

Am I Dreaming Right now?

I caught a very serious virus that took me to my knees. I was so weak afterwards I couldn’t even raise my arms above my head.  Even drying my hair was a long, tiring experience as the dryer would grow heavy in my hands within moments.  I didn’t know this virus may have caused my heart to go into congestive heart failure and the weak arms were an indicator. I was also experiencing sleep apnea at night where I’d awake gasping for air.  Never did I believe or think, for one minute, I would end up having three ghosts visit me in one night to help me through.

Spirit Friend to the Rescue!

I went to bed and fell asleep as usual.  Some time during the night I awakened suddenly when I heard my friend Bessie say, “It’s okay, I got you.” Her voice was right next to my left ear, clear as a bell, as though she were standing directly behind me. I could even hear the laughter in her voice that I had always loved so much. It was teasing and warm and wonderful and I’d been without it for a long while. Bessie had passed a few years previously from a stroke at the age of 47.  She was way too young a spirit to leave but way too wonderful for this world.

It happened again??!!

A few minutes later I drifted off again and this time, my dearest, closest friend Kathryn, came to me.  She had passed several years earlier from cancer.  I opened my eyes and I saw her spirit floating down from above, transparent except for a glinting outline.  She appeared as though made of water and was catching the beams of the moon. Her hair was in braids, hanging down toward me as she descended and put her arms around me. I burst awake on a huge sob.

Now what are you doing here?

After I calmed down I fell back asleep and found myself standing behind a young, red headed woman.  I was standing slightly to her left and could see she appeared to be observing a woman in a brightly lit kitchen from the other side of upper and lower cabinets. Where we stood was a well of darkness in contrast to the light of the kitchen. The woman was small with short blonde hair.  She was washing dishes and smiling as she talked to someone we couldn’t see to her left. It appeared as though they had just finished a dinner party and she was cleaning up.

I moved closer to the girl and softly asked why she didn’t talk with the woman; let her know she was standing there in the darkness. Without turning she told me she could never be a part of that ever again which left me a bit confused.  I was about to question her further when I was distracted by something off to my right, way off in the darkness.  A small speck of light.

As I looked it grew bigger and I could see movement that I felt compelled to approach. As I did, the movement became bigger, soon dissolving into a table on which there was a birthday cake, candles lit.  Two middle aged women were dancing around it, laughing and having a great time. All I could think was how desperately I wanted to be a part of that birthday party and strained to get closer.  A moment later, instead of joining the party, I found myself bent at the waist looking into the window of a car in a car show room.

Unexpected Friend

As realization of where I was hit me I was pushed from behind causing me to throw up my hands and collide with the car window. I reacted by pushing myself away from the car and twirling around, ready to attack whoever it was that had done it.  What I found was a man standing behind me. He was slim and well dressed in khaki pants, loafers, a sweater over his dress shirt, a tie and a sports cap on his lowered head.  He had his hands tucked into his trouser pockets and all I could see was the yellow locks peeking out of his cap, a beard and a very, very familiar grin.

I snapped awake for the third time that night and realized who that spirit had been. My daughter met a distant cousin on the soccer fields at seven years old.  They became close, fast friends from that day forward. Her name is Meagan and Meagan’s father had just passed away from cancer. He was the most carefree, jovial, teasing person I’d ever met.  He had the BEST laugh, well more of a giggle, and the biggest grin and everyone called him YT or “Whitey” because of his light colored hair.  It’s EXACTLY what YT would have done and I’m so grateful for that sense of humor.

Three times that night my spirit friends stepped up to save me.  It just wasn’t my time to go and I’ll never, ever forget their love and that experience.

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