How To Find a Ghost Hunter

Schooby Doo and gang ghost hunters

Finding a Ghost Hunter may not be as simple as you think. Regardless, you think your house is haunted and you want to find out for sure.  What would be the logical next step?  Contact a paranormal society/hunter organization and invite them in, of course!  Well, maybe.  Let’s slow this down a bit and think about what you’re about to do. 

Ghost Hunter 101

Anyone can claim to be a ghost hunter, there are no credentials or licenses or permits that will verify or disqualify anyone from that distinction.  That’s why you, as the consumer, need to do your homework.  If you were going to hire a plumber or any other contractor, I’d hope you’d do some research before giving them a call, access to your home and permission to do whatever they claim they can do to help you.  It should be no different with paranormal investigators.

Are They Qualified?

One of the issues we see over and over again on paranormal television shows is, the investigators come in, do their thing then leave after which the activity picks up and the owners are left with a really disturbed situation they don’t know how to handle.  If you think you have problems now, wait until the spirits are riled up!  So, here are five simple guidelines for you to think about following to find a ghost hunter you can trust.

Five Simple, but Crucial Steps

#1  Get references!

Ask for contact information for other people the investigators have worked with, at least two would be good.   If they are professionals they shouldn’t balk at this request.    

#2  Discuss, in detail, what their methods are

They can be as simple as walking through the house with a tape recorder and a camera to full blown provoking.  You need to know and understand what the hunter’s process is and make your wishes clear as to what you are allowing them to do and not to do.

**if there are children or animals in the house DO NOT allow them to be there during an investigation.  They are the most vulnerable and could become the target for entities, especially if they feel threatened.  Find a safe place for them to be up to a couple of days afterwards as activity may pick up and be a problem for them.

#3  What kind of support will you have once the investigators have left your house if you find you need further help.

If they are charging you for the hunt/cleaning, will there be more charges if they have to come back or do they give you some kind of extended warranty so to speak?  If their hunt/cleaning is free, would any further help be free as well?

#4  What kind of support do they rely on if they run into something beyond their capabilities? 

Have them provide you with names and contact information for the experts (hopefully more than one paranormal investigation team) they would call in and check them out.

#5  Once the investigation is over write down everything you can remember from it and keep notes on happenings afterwards. 

                These notes will help should you have some other ghost hunter come in to verify activity. 

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