Ghost Like June

Ghost Like June

When my daughter, her husband and their one year old moved into their new home she suspected it was already occupied by spirits.  My daughter wasn’t afraid of ghosts, having experienced them most of her life, but now she had a baby to consider.  The day they moved in she asked me to “talk” to whatever spirit or ghost might be there.  She said let them know she didn’t mind them staying but she didn’t want them touching them or scaring them.  So, on move in day, they dropped me and little Aiden off at the house while they went back for a load of furniture.  The house was still empty so he and I sat down on the living room floor.  While he crawled happily around I started sussing out the situation.

Who’s ghost are you?

I have never actually “seen” a ghost or spirit, for which I am actually grateful. I feel their presence and interact with them through dreams.  When I “feel” them it starts with a tingling sensation on the right side of my head.  Depending on the strength of the spirit, it can then move to other parts of my body, usually my back.  This sensation allows me to converse with them depending on the location and strength of the response.

Because of the home’s close proximity to a native reservation, I surmised, it was probably a native spirit.  If so, I felt this would require an approach with great respect and deference. So I addressed whatever ghost or spirit was present and asked if they would talk with me.  I immediately received the head tingle and it was on.

June’s Spirit makes herself known

I introduced myself and Aiden then talked about my native family and tribal connections.  My tribal ancestry spans four local tribes in the area.  As soon as I mentioned the tribal connection the tingles increased.  They moved down my back and up again rapidly which indicated they were very excited to hear this.  I told them my daughter’s concerns and willingness to have them there and her respect for who they were.  Again the tingles.

When asked if the spirit was tribal, the response intensified.  I asked if they were from the local tribe.  The chills ran rapidly up and down my spine several times.  Then I asked what their name was.  For some reason the name ‘May’ came to mind but it just didn’t sit right and when I voiced it, I got nothing.  I also said, “April”?  Nothing.  Then I said “June” and my back lit up like the fourth of July!  So, hello June!

Ghost Introduction – CHECK!

That was pretty much the extent of my conversation with June’s ghost that first day which I related to my daughter.  Little did she know what extent this relationship would reach but then it’s always an adventure when you’re living with a ghost.

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