Help From A Spirit

Help From Spirit

As I mentioned in my post “Ghost Like June”, my daughter lives in a spiritually active home that is occupied by a lovely spirit called June.  June is a Puyallup tribal member who works very hard to help my daughter around the house and with her children.  Well, uh, “help” may be a little on the strong side…

Help Unasked For

Upon moving in one of their first priorities was to get curtains up in the windows.  They purchased rods and curtains and, in a moment of exhaustion, threw them onto a pile in a bedroom.  When they got around to putting up the curtain rods there was a problem.  The curtains were not where she’d left them.  She checked each pile, no curtains.  She asked her husband if he’d moved them, no luck.  A whole week passed in which they continued to whittle at the piles.  To her surprise she found them in the middle of the biggest pile.  How had the curtains ended up in the middle of a pile they hadn’t even gone through?  She knew it wasn’t her husband and no one else had been there helping.  All she could think was June.


Strange things happened over the years, some helpful, some not, but nothing major.  One day, while visiting my daughter she mentioned having issues with her cell phone. She also told me June was getting impatient as well.  What?  What’s that mean?  She told me on a couple separate nights, while in bed verbalizing her discontent, her phone went flying off the nightstand onto the floor.  When she was telling me this we were sitting at opposite ends of her couch facing each other.  Her phone was sitting on the armrest beside her when it suddenly flew off the couch about six feet onto the living room floor. I sat there utterly stunned at what I had just seen.  My daughter, on the other hand, calmly looks over at it and back at me and says, “See?” Our conclusion: June was helping her get a new phone.

Helpful Hint or a Message?

I often think of June. One day, while watching TV with them, I looked up at an eagle feather hanging from my daughter’s ceiling next to the cabinet in the corner.  The cabinet where I’d finally seen June in my dream.  I wondered how she was doing but I didn’t voice my thought, and went back to watching TV.  A few minutes later, out of the corner of my eye, I saw something on the cabinet pop up and fall.  The crashing sound startled us all.  When my daughter checked the top of the cabinet she found a heavy glass lid lying there.  This lid normally sits on a tall glass container she keeps dog biscuits in.  Was June being helpful by saying it was time to treat the dogs or was she letting me know she was still there?  Either way, I guess she’s doing OK!

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