Haunted House in Baja

haunted baja

Haunted in Baja Met a couple staying at the same hotel in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. One night all four of us went out to dinner and drinks. During the evening we started sharing stories of our visits to different locations. Our dinner guests, Sarah and John, shared a frightening experience they had in Baja Mexico.…

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Haunted Fort Kila (Rajasthan) in India

cat crossing road to haunted fort kila

There is a legend from the region of Rajasthan speaks of a haunted fort, Haunted Fort Kila. Bhangarh Fort (Kila) is on route to the areas of Alwar and Jaipur in the state area of Rajasthan, India. According to local legend, there once lived a dark sorcerer who put a curse on the residents of…

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Spirit Hug at the Tides

Spirit Hug

One of our favorite restaurants in town has always served great food, but recently, I received my first spirit hug!  One of the most popular eating establishments here in Gig Harbor is a tavern, right on the waterfront called The Tides.  It’s a wonderful place to eat, the food is good, the atmosphere is precious…

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