Exorcising Evil Spirits

Exorcising Evil Spirits and the use of sage

It does not matter what method of cleansing (exorcising) and blessing you choose to remove unwelcome spirits from your life. The BIG key to a successful cleansing is WHAT YOU BELIEVE and have FAITH in. The second key element is not asking or letting it back into your life. This is a major reason cleansing do not work, we fail ourselves.

Prepare yourself mentally, spiritually and physically before exorcising bad or evil spirits from your home. You cannot do a cleansing half-heartedly or lightly.  Doing so will set you and others up for trouble. Smudging is no different then blessing a home with holy water and a cross.  YOU have to BELIEVE in what is happening AND that it will be effective.

Spirits and Dreams

Buttholes Aplenty

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