Exorcising Evil Spirits

Exorcising Evil Spirits and the use of sage

What’s It Take To Exorcise an Evil Spirit?

Need to exorcise an evil spirit from your life? Let’s start by dispeling a common myth in the paranormal world. It does not matter what method of banishing evil spirits (exorcising) and blessing you choose to remove unwelcome spirits from your life. Yes, it’s true. What you need to know is this: The BIG key to a successful cleansing is WHAT YOU BELIEVE and have FAITH in.

No Take Backsies

The second, and probably the even less talked about, element is the most logical. Do not ask or let it back into your life. Once the evil is cast out, don’t look back! This is a major reason cleansing do not work, we fail ourselves. Many of those afflicted (yourself or someone else) have had an ongoing relationship and, even benefits, from their connection with the evil one. Do not underestimate this kind of dysfunctional aspect. Just like in every day life, dysfunction exists in the spiritual realm. Some would argue it’s even more prevalent because we’re often dealing with something “evil”.

Preparation is Key

Prepare yourself mentally, spiritually and physically before exorcising bad or evil spirits from your home. You cannot do a cleansing half-heartedly or lightly.  Doing so will set you and others up for trouble. It’s probably wise to have someone else with you who believes in what you’re doing and can lend support and power to the process. Smudging is no different then blessing a home with holy water and a cross.  YOU have to BELIEVE in your ability and right to expel them AND that it will be effective. Banishing evil spirits is not for the unprepared.

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