Liquor Infused Summer Berry Pie

Best Liquor Berry Pie

When summer is just getting started many varieties of berries begin to bear ripe fruit. This recipe is a long-time favorite with a little bit of a touch of liquor! Liquor in Berry Pie. First, you will need to either make your favorite two-crust pie dough or purchase pre-made dough. This needs to be enough…

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Animal Ghosts Galore

Kitty Ghosts

Was I familiar with animals ghosts before moving into my friend’s house?  No, not really.  Did I expect to experience animal ghosts when I moved into my friend’s house?  Not really.  In fact, I didn’t actually know her all that well when I moved in.  Sure, over the years, there had been a small amount…

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June the Gramma Ghost

June and Aiden Hands

June, the Native American ghost in my daughter’s home has finally shown herself!  My daughter has a cabinet that she uses for storing all her blankets.  It has a glass door on the left and shelving on the right. It usually sits in the far left corner of the room facing toward the front door. …

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Imaginary Friend – Are You Sure?

Imaginary friends Simon and Simon

Spirits interacted with my daughter from a very early age.  I suspect she served as a lighthouse for them to gravitate to.  Many would call these entities her “imaginary friends”. Imaginary Friend: Rick One such imaginary friend was Rick.  She told me Rick would come and have tea parties with her behind our living room…

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Haunted House in Baja

haunted baja

Haunted in Baja Met a couple staying at the same hotel in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. One night all four of us went out to dinner and drinks. During the evening we started sharing stories of our visits to different locations. Our dinner guests, Sarah and John, shared a frightening experience they had in Baja Mexico.…

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Haunted Rajasthan Fort (Kila) in India

Haunted Fort in India One legend from the region of Rajasthan is regarding Bhangarh Fort (Kila). Bhangarh Fort (Kila) is on route to areas of Alwar and Jaipur in the state area of Rajasthan in India. According to a local legend in this area, there lived a dark sorcerer who put a curse on the…

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Help From A Spirit

Help From Spirit

As I mentioned in my post “June Lives Here”, my daughter lives in a spiritually active home that is occupied by a lovely spirit called June.  June is a Puyallup tribal member who works very hard to help my daughter around the house and with her children.  Well, uh, “help” may be a little on…

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Doppelganger Nuns

Doppelganger Doppelgangers, what are they?  Have you ever run to talk with someone you saw and find they’re no where to be found?  Or you’ve been talking to someone in the other room only to have them walk in the front door?  A wee bit disconcerting to say the least, am I right?  Well, they’re…

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Blackberry Whiskey Lemonade Cocktail

Othere Cool Drinks

A delicious blackberry whiskey lemonade cocktail perfect for summer entertaining. 30 minutes  Serves 4 Ingredients • 12 oz Blackberries, fresh • 1 Rosemary, large sprig • 3/4 cup Blackberry simple syrup • 1 cup Lemon juice • 1/2 cup Sugar • 1 cup Tonic water or sparkling wine • 1 cup Whiskey • 1/2 cup…

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