Haunted Fort Kila (Rajasthan) in India

cat crossing road to haunted fort kila

There is a legend from the region of Rajasthan speaks of a haunted fort, Haunted Fort Kila. Bhangarh Fort (Kila) is on route to the areas of Alwar and Jaipur in the state area of Rajasthan, India. According to local legend, there once lived a dark sorcerer who put a curse on the residents of Bhangarh Fort. First the residents would die an unnatural death. Second their souls would be trapped at the fort and third, they would be forced to walk the fields and halls of the fort forever.

More Than One Version

Another version of this tale of a frightening haunted fort says that it was a holy man who cursed it. He was angry as they raised the fort so high it caused a shadow to fall on his home.

Visit this Frightening Haunted Fort

Said to be one of the most haunted places in India, some claim it is among the world’s most haunted. Many who have visited haunted fort Kila have left with hair raising tales of what they saw and felt. As a result, no one’s allowed in the fort after dark because of the legends and some unpleasant events at the fort. Many locals state that those who have gone into the fort after dark do not return.

Hmmm.. sounds like a great place to look for ghosts! Are you brave enough???

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