Spirit Hug at the Tides

Spirit Hug

One of our favorite restaurants in town has always served great food, but recently, I received my first spirit hug!  One of the most popular eating establishments here in Gig Harbor is a tavern, right on the waterfront called The Tides.  It’s a wonderful place to eat, the food is good, the atmosphere is precious and lively.  The view is unparalleled with the harbor, boats and Mount Rainier in the distance.  We eat there quite often.

Warm and Fuzzy

On this particular day we found a seat toward the windows on what appeared to have, at one time, been a small staging area.  My friend’s back was to the room and mine was to the wall behind me.  We put in our order and sat there, surrounded by people and the pleasant sounds of their conversation.  Suddenly I felt what I can only describe as a gently electrified blanket of affection surround me, a spirit hug, if you will. It was as though someone had come up behind and put their arms around my shoulders and hugged me.  It took me so by surprise I couldn’t even speak.  Once I regained my composure I told my friend what was happening, showed her how all the hairs on both arms were standing up.  Then, it was gone as suddenly as it started.

Spirit Hug From a Stranger

My roommate smiled and told me she thought she knew who it was.  While this was happening to me, she was reading an article on the wall directly behind me about a musician who had passed away.  He had entertained visitors and locals many, many a night on that little stage.

I don’t know if that was him but I do know it will remain one of the most wonderful experiences I’ve ever had with a spirit. It’s a wonderful experience to get affection from a ghost.

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