Astral Projecting Animals?

Astral Projecting Animals? Mini Aussies Belly Button and Walter on Guard 24/7

It’s Our Job, Mam

Apparently we have astral projecting animals. Or is that spirit walking animals? That’s Belly Button on the left and Walter, The Party Pooper, on the right. They’re miniature Australian Shepherds who believe our yard is sacred. It is for their sheep and it’s their job to let everyone and everything that walks by know it. They regularly alert each other, INSIDE the house of something happening OUTSIDE the house. Once alerted they spring into action by bolting through the dog door at lightening speed, down the front steps, out into the yard, Belly barking non stop the entire way. This happens throughout the day. Last night marked a new level of commitment in their guardianship.

As usual, Karen rounded them both up into her bedroom, firmly closing her bedroom door behind them. I gathered up my little Pudge Muffin (aka Tiggles, my fat little chi/laso) and headed into mine. Around two o’clock in the morning (I know because I was still wide awake) I hear Belly barking and running, with Walter growling ahead of her. Through the living room , through the noisy dog flap, down the front porch steps. I hear this clearly because my bedroom window is no more than 10 feet from said porch. Once in the yard they bark their way to the fence at the far end at who knows what.

Hmmm, Interesting

This happening at this hour is not all that unusual. Karen sometimes has to let them out in the middle of the night to potty. What was unusual is what I didn’t hear. Karen is hyper aware of her puppies. She would normally be right there trying to shush their barking or calling for them to come in. She has a very large fear of them getting nabbed by an owl or eagle or disturbing the neighbors. But I heard nothing. Again, weird but rationalized that maybe she fell asleep and is letting them stay out in the living room. No biggy, just a little odd.

Around four I’m still wide awake, contemplating taking something when, once again, Belly and Walter head out the dog door. Repeat the barking, scrabbling on the steps and out into the yard. This time the porch light came on which didn’t happen the first time. This time only Belly remains out at the fence barking. Now I’m very curious because Karen is a very conscientious neighbor. She would never normally allow the dogs to disturb those around her with their barking. I wait, nothing again. Knowing Karen, I figure, she’s asleep and can’t hear what’s happening and I’m too tired to care. I decide to take a PM and shortly, there after, fall asleep.

What’s the Deal?

Next morning, upon seeing her, my first words are, “So, what’s the deal with the dogs last night?” She looks at me and says, “What about the dogs? I said, “Letting them run outside at two and four and letting them bark. I thought you were afraid of them getting picked up by an owl?” Her reply took me by surprise, “They weren’t out, they were with me all night long.”

Now I know my roommate isn’t a liar but I thought she must have let them out of her room. Maybe she was half asleep and didn’t remember it and suggested that. She insisted she never let them out until around seven when she got up. In fact she said when she got up at four to go to the bathroom she checked on them. They were both fast asleep together in their beds.

Spirit Walking Animals? Really?

What’s even more interesting is when I mentioned the porch light coming on the second time. Karen reminded me she’d set it so the dogs going in and out wouldn’t trigger it. They/d have to be out by our cars in the driveway or way out at the front of the yard. So why didn’t it trigger the first time? What was happening different the second time? Can animals spirit walk?

24/7 Astral Coverage

Here’s our conclusion: We have spirit walking animals. There have been a rash of burglaries in our neighborhood and car prowling. We believe, though they were asleep, they both astral projected because they sensed someone was on our property. Yeah, I know, that sounds crazy, but I know what I heard. Those two were out there doing their jobs, no matter what.

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