Halloween Is Fun!


Halloween is just cool.

 Why is Halloween the Coolest Holiday?

Let’s face it this is one of the coolest holidays celebrated today…can I say I LOVE Halloween. There are so many reasons to love it, costumes, parties, spooky movies, bone chilling music, decorations. The whole thing is just so delightful!  A time when children and adults alike, can use their imaginations. To step out of the everyday routine into a world of imagination.

When the leaves start to change just a little, our hearts can be a bit sad.  The days will be getting shorter and the warm weather is on its way out.  So for us, the trade off to losing the warm days is knowing that Halloween is just around the corner!  As a kid, I can remember we would sit and watch horror movies with big bowls of buttery popcorn and root beer.  Remember the feeling when the villain would hide in the shadows or behind a door, you just know they were going to step out and scare the living day lights out of you? Such fun!

Scary Movies and Stuff

Today, I still enjoy a good scary movie. Not one that work too hard to scare you or gross you out with body parts and spraying blood.  The ones that work with our natural fears of the dark. The one where things jump out at you and the sound of things that bump in the night.  And of course, one has to have the bowl of popcorn too!

Trick or Treat

As a child, some of my favorite memories are the way people would decorate their homes, outside AND inside.  When you went door to door for Trick or Treat, the adults would invite you in to look around and pick out candy.  Yes, it was safe to do this, as there were usually several people and one of your parents walking around with you.  For the adults there was cider or hot chocolate, and some homemade desserts, while they spoke with the homeowners for a few minutes.  For the children, home-made sweets such as popcorn balls, or candy from the store.   Lots of laughs and a few scares but everyone had a great time.

One of things we would do as children was walking through the cemetery during the day, and as we got older, in the night.  Never seemed that scary to me, since these were just the monuments to those who came before us.

Being an Adult

As an adult it is still fun to create costumes to take that magical step from being who you are every day into the being a totally different person or creature.  I love putting on Halloween parties for friends and family, mixing up some “scary dishes” and spooky drinks.  And of course you have to have the spooky music playing in the background, with the sounds of creaking doors, lighting striking and eerie laughs.

Come on…let that inner child out to play!

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