Ghost Hunting Equipment

Ghost Hunting Equipment – What you need to know before you buy

So, you’ve decided to do a little ghost hunting and now it’s time to find some equipment with that goal in mind. Before you buy, you may want to consider some things. Here are two pieces to check into:

Infrared Camera or Thermal Imaging Camera– the basics

This is one of the items I think every serious ghost hunter should have in their tool kit. If you go hunting in the dark, this will give you eyes on what is around you in real time, unlike taking photos and having to review them later or stop to see what you captured.

In doing some research about Infrared Camera, also known as, Thermal Imaging Camera I learned a great deal regarding what is myth and what is reality.

First, they are surface detecting only, this means they do not have the ability to “see” what is behind the wall or door; the image you would see is the temperature difference between what is in front of the wall or door.

Second, why limit yourself to ghost hunting at night, unless you just love stumbling around in the dark. Some people believe that day light interferes with the camera. Not so! These cameras are just as effective in the day time as at night.

Third, when looking to purchase one, the ads will tell you that you have to have this or that level of sensitivity for the “best” image, which of cause comes at a higher price. This is not really the case. Most cameras have the ability to show images that are just .1c or 1.8f different in temperature. Also, they cost too much. You can find good ones new for under $1,000 or used for under $500.

Digital Recorder – The must have tool

When building your tool kit for ghost hunting, this is the number one tool to have. They range from around $20 to over $100. But before you buy think about features.

Here, I would suggest going with a higher quality product, one that has some or all of the following features.
1.) High quality microphone, if it has two even better. This gives you the clarity of sound recording. This is what will make or break a quality EVP session.
2.) The ability to download your recordings to a PC or Mac device for analyzing.
3.) Easy to use controls and control placement. The worst thing to have happen is a poorly designed unit that is hard to work in the dark!
4.) Jack to plug in headphones, when you want to hear what you recorded or work without outside noise.
5.) High quality speaker. You want to be able to hear what you recorded.
6.) Voice activation. This will turn on the unit when someone or thing is talking, even if you may not hear it.
7.) Digital storage ability. You may be recording for hours so you need the room to hold all the audio.
8.) My personal favorite…a durable body. You will drop the recorder at some point, a strong body case is critical.

So, with these two items in hand, along with a camera (hey most cell phones have great cameras!) you’re ready to venture into the unknown. Good luck and be sure to come to our website or our Facebook page at and tell us all about it!

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