Paranormal Activity and it’s Victims

woman crying on phone because of paranormal activity

Paranormal Witnesses

So, we watch a LOT of ghost shows where people (mostly women) recount their experiences with ghosts and demons. They are the usual victims of paranormal activity, rarely the men. What we have noticed is a trend running through most of the accounts.

Can’t Be Witness if Not There!

First off the husbands invariably work at night or are away from the home for long stretches at a time. Also, the male counterparts usually don’t believe paranormal activity is going on while they’re gone. Or, they’re there and they’re just buttholes who don’t want to admit what is happening. If this is happening to you check out “Buttholes A Plenty” which addresses this issue. 

The Weakest Link

Second we noticed how weak the women are in dealing with their experiences. They often say they were powerless, too scared to move, defeated, etc. If you get nothing else out of this rant, get this: Your belief system is your greatest weapon, don’t let it work against you.

And the crying! OMG!!!  Okay, so at this point it’s probably just being mean but women PUT YOUR BIG GIRL PANTIES ON AND FIGHT BACK!  Especially if you have children for God’s sake! And, thirdly (is that a word?) whatever you do DO NOT MOVE OUT AND LEAVE THE MESS FOR SOMEONE ELSE TO WALK INTO BLINDLY! because now you’re just being selfish.

Education = Defense

Girls, there is this thing called the internet that has a plethora of information and resources on the subject of paranormal activity. If you don’t know how to look these things up (don’t get me started…), you absolutely know SOMEONE who can.  Do some research, be proactive. Don’t be a victim, be a spiritual warrior and fight back! 

And, above all else…stop crying!

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