Shadow People

Shadow People

Shadow People

We’ve heard a lot about Shadow People on numerous paranormal shows on television.  From these shows, some label them evil, others misunderstood, and others, alien. What do they want?  Why are they here?

Where Are They From?

The term “shadow people” was first brought up in 2001 on the Coast to Coast radio talk show with Art Bell.  Over the years since, there have been many video interviews on television and the internet.  People have also posted many first hand experiences.  It’s been even more popularized by Amy Allen on her program Dead Files.  Amy says she believes they are basically evil and, along with many others, are from another dimension.  I, personally, have never had an experience with them and, fingers crossed, never will.

What Makes Them Evil?

What if they are from another dimension and enter through unseen portals?  So, they come through and feed on our energy and our souls? Could it be they are the reason we are capable of doing horrific things to one another? To take that thought further, most everyone has heard the phrase “Born Bad”. What if reincarnation is real and those who’ve had contact with shadow people have corrupted souls from the exposure?  What if they go on to continue hurting themselves and others throughout their lifetimes?  Could it be possible they repeat and increase these behaviors with each go around?

A study  was published in the Journal of Children’s Psychology and Psychiatry in 2005 which involved almost 4,000 sets of twins.  Psychopathic behaviors are only “inherited” genetically.  In other words, it was an unfortunate combination of parental genes.  One twin was good, the other was “born bad” even though their genes were identical. What is the determining factor?

So, Are Shadow People Real?

Well, I obviously have more questions than answers about them.  However, in my research I came across another phenomenon called the “Hat Man”.  If you aren’t disturbed enough about Shadow People, go check out the article below, I think you’ll enjoy it.

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