Phantom Footsteps

Phantom Footsteps

Growing up I spent a lot of time with my oldest sister and her family.  She was fifteen years older than me and her oldest child was only four years younger so I almost fit in as the oldest child in her family.  I was also a great baby sitter for her kids.  What I didn’t know about were the phantom footsteps.

One night, I was about sixteen and my oldest nephew was 12 or so, I babysat.  They lived in a typical 1960’s ranch style home.  You entered into the living room/dining room, big fire place separated the kitchen and the bedrooms. Hallway to the left, giant picture windows front and back.  They had a TV console that divided the living room from the dining room area.

Vintage DuMont Teleset TV / Radio / Phonograph Combo Console Set | Radios, We and Love

For those who don’t know what that is, it was a combination TV and stereo in a cabinet. 

All three kids were in bed.  I was on the couch backed up to their living room picture window and watching something on TV.

Phantom Footsteps in the Night

Suddenly I hear my oldest nephew’s distinctive sounding footsteps coming down the hallway.  He was a bit on the husky side and had this shuffling gait.  I have a straight shot view of that hallway but when I look, no nephew.  I jump up, concerned, because he would sleep walk.  His sleep walking had led to an unpleasant incident that involved him and the refrigerator.  I had to keep a close eye on him.  I turn on the light in the hall and look into the kitchen, no nephew.  Good thing, refrigerator is safe.  I move down to the next door leading into the bathroom, hmmm, no nephew.  I move down to the third door, their bedroom.  Open slowly and quietly.  Nephew and other nephew sound asleep in bed.  Phew, good!  Return to the living room and my show.

I’m getting caught up on what’s happened on my show when, once again, I hear his shuffling footsteps.  Look down hall, no nephew, head down hall, refrigerator, bathroom, bedroom.  Nephew sound asleep in bed.  This same exact scenario happened at least another two times leaving me baffled.  Finally, my sister and her husband returned home, I decide not to say anything.  I didn’t want them to think they were letting a crazy girl watch over their precious children.

Truth Comes Out

I lasted about two weeks before I finally couldn’t take it any longer.  I blurted the story out to my sister who started laughing.  She explained to me it was almost a nightly ritual for her to either hear him herself or her husband to wake her and say he’d heard him.  At that point she’d jump out of bed to go get him only to find him, as I did, asleep in bed.

Is it possible some people are so alive and so full of personality they leave an impression of themselves like a recording? Or could he have been astral projecting while he was asleep?  We’ll never know but my sister often wondered what it must be like for the new owners of her house and the phantom footsteps.

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