Living with Spirits in That Old House

Old house in leominster where occupants may be living with spirits

Living with Spirits

One of my earliest memories dealing with the spirit realm was the time between the ages of 3 and 6. My parents purchased an old two story house, the kind with a walk up attic and full basement. Almost from day one there were noises, doors opening or closing, lights turning on or off and banging sounds. None of us were doing it so the only conclusion we could come to was we were living with spirits!

Who’s There?

I would often sense someone standing nearby and watching while I played. Over the years my parents mentioned several different events that happened in the house while living there. My sisters and I don’t remember being afraid, uncomfortable or having any bad memories of any of these activities. I do know, however, when we played in the basement, there was one area, I never ventured into alone. It wasn’t because it was scary, more a feeling I would be invading someone’s private space. My parents taught me to always be respectful when living with spirits.

Friendly Ghost

About six months after we moved in, my parents learned that an elderly couple had lived there. The husband had died on the sun porch after a long illness. They assumed the doors, lights and sounds were his and his wife’s way of letting us know they were there. My parents never felt they were a threat to us. They were just a ghost couple still enjoying their home together.

Looking Back

Over the years, through the many, many experiences I’ve since had with the spirit world, I often look back. I then realize how well my parents handled this phenomenon. Never once did they lead us to believe we should be afraid. In fact more than once my father chastised the ghosts when they occasionally got out of hand. Ghosts are people too, just missing their bodies.

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