Lemon Drop Heaven

I am no Lemon Drop virgin, I can tell you that. So when I say I had the best Lemon Drop I’ve ever had you can believe me. The thing you may not believe is were I had it. If you don’t live in Washington State you may want to skip this recommendation but if you are anywhere near the Tacoma/Purdy area, I highly recommend you drive out into the toolies to Lakebay, Washington and to the Lulu Cafe. It’s this little bar on the side of the road and they make their Lemon Drops from SCRATCH! I will warn you they aren’t large but are they wonderful. My two friends also raved about their blue cheese dressing (I’m a ranch gal myself), said it was the best either of them had ever had. When asked about, the server said they make their own. As for the food, every thing we ordered was scrumptious!